Richard Flint memorial Facebook page with current news and pictures

Tributes to Richard Flint on the ITF website. Over 80 moving tributes from trade unionists and others from all over the world.

In memory of Richard Flint, by ITF General Secretary David Cockroft, ITF website 2007

Richard Flint: Obituary by Chris Peck, Guardian 2007

Tributes to Richard Flint: Tony Greenstein, David Cockroft and others, Labournet 2007

Richard Flint’s own site on Poptel. This site was maintained by Richard and probably was last updated in the 1990s. It remains live on a server maintained by The Cooperative Phone and Broadband.

Sussex friends of Richard Flint photographed at the memorial celebration in 2007

Obituary by David Osler on his blog, 2007