What’s in a Flint?

The local stone. Sussex is built on. Houses are built from. Hard enough to weather storms. Pebbles rounded by  swash and backwash, year after year. You can hone it to a sharp edge A cutting tool, an axe, a knife, a weapon to destroy A tool, to create. A foundation for civilisation. Fred, Wilma, Pebbles […]

Planting the tree

Here are some photos from 27 September 2012 when a tree was planted for Richard Flint at Sussex University.   Comrades of Richard Flint in front of the tree planted in his honour, including Simon Fanshawe representing the University and Kelly McBride, president of the student union. Richard was president during 1979 until he was […]

Describing Richard

At his funeral we tried to explain why he’d made such an impact on all of us.  Catherine Mayer: 
This isn’t the send-off Richard would have wished. We’ve ignored his instructions. You had to do that sometimes with Richard. A world designed by him would have been more just, more free, with chocolate and cigarettes […]

A tree for Richard

A tree will be planted in memory of Richard on 27 September 2012 at Sussex University close to the point where this photo was taken. In the photo Richard is being filmed by TV cameras returning to the campus after he had been expelled and excluded by the Vice Chancellor. The photo was taken in […]