Planting the tree

Here are some photos from 27 September 2012 when a tree was planted for Richard Flint at Sussex University.


Comrades of Richard Flint in front of the tree planted in his honour, including Simon Fanshawe representing the University and Kelly McBride, president of the student union. Richard was president during 1979 until he was expelled.


Catherine Meyer adds ashes to the tree

Sarah March adds ashes


Shaun Fensom adds ashes


Chris Peck finishes the planting


The plaque with QR code pointing at this site


The paving stone laid in Richard’s honour. The highly apposite quote is from situationist graffiti in Paris in 1968 “under the paving stones, the beach”.


Catherine Meyer and Chris Peck


Shaun Fensom in front of the  doors smashed with a park bench during the upheavals at Sussex University in 1979. Shaun, Richard and 3 others were arrested and charged with criminal damage.




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